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Transmission Dynamometer

EMCO Gears' Transmission Dynamometer (Dyno) is powered by a 502 cu. in. big block Chevy engine that produces 440 HP and 515 ft-lb of torque. The test stand is adjustable, the water brakes can be positioned up, down, rearward and forward, allowing testing on numerous types of transmissions and transaxles . The dyno allows for differential testing by varying the load on each axle because the two water brakes can be individually controlled. We are able to apply as much as 400 ft-lb of torque to each axle. The EMCO Gears "step-up" gearbox enables input test speeds up to 15000 RPM. Inputs and outputs are monitored by a fully equiped computer-controlled data acquisition system.

The Dyno allows EMCO Gears to dramatically shorten its development cycle by testing new product innovations once they are made. Testing and fine-tuning of vital sub-systems like oiling and shifting is performed on the test stand prior to track testing, which dramatically reduces development time. Additionally, the Dyno allows EMCO to offer enhanced servicing of transaxles not found elsewhere. The Dyno is located at the EMCO Gears Parts and Technical Center in Indianapolis, IN.