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The 46P1 is EMCO's latest offering into the world of GT racing. This transaxle incorporates the most important features that your engineering staff could ask for:

- Dependability: every component used to construct this unit is race proven as a winner worldwide.
- Reliability: the sequential shift system employed in this unit has been fine tuned. Each shift is clean and positive. Missed shifts are a thing of the past.
- Engineered to overcome three of the problems found in most applications: polar moment of inertia, center of gravity, and ease of installation.
- Clutch, flywheel and starters, yes starters there are mounting for two. Are all mounted on the front of the 46P1 at mid ship of the chassis.
- Double adjustable limited slip differential, separate adjustments for clutch clearance and spring pre load.
- Out drive at the rear of the unit runs at crank speed to drive accessories such as air conditioning and alternator.
- Internal oil filter that is serviceable from the outside.
- Rugged aluminum housing featuring A356-T6 castings, and billet 6061.
- Input to output height of 7.300 inches makes for low axle angle.
- Will race in a 3000 pound car at 700 foot-pounds of torque for 24 hours.
- Over 56 gear ratios to choose from second to sixth. At this time two drop gear ratios are available.
- Numerous differential ramp angles, and a choice of three differential clutch plate configurations.
- Dry weight including clutch housing and flywheel is 193 pounds.

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